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1. Title of the works: Amerigo Md BT, 15 pt., bold and capital letter, centered paragraph style.

2. Names(s) of author(s): Amerigo Md BT, 13 pt., bold, first letter capital, right justified. job of author(s) shall be written with an actinoid footnote.

3. Abstract and Keywords: Bold and first letter capital


1. Titles in the text: Amerigo Md BT, 12 pt.

2. Authors should arrange the text utmost with five-degree heading and the number of the titles has a style as follows:

First level: Numbering style: I, II, III... Title: bold and capital letter.

Second level: Numbering style: A, B, C... Title: bold and first letter capital. 

Third level: Numbering style: 1, 2, 3... Title: bold and first letter capital. 

Fourth level: Numbering style: a, b, c... Title: bold and first letter capital. 

Fifth level: Numbering style: i, ii, iii... Title: italic and first letter capital. 

3. Main text: Palatino Linotype, 11 pt.

3. Paragraphs: 0,75 cm first line indent, justified alignment, left/right indent: 0 cm, pre/post-paragraph spacing: 5/0 nk, 1 line spacing


1. Style: Palatino Linotype, 9 pt.

2. Footnotes paragraphs: 0,5 cm hanging indentation, justified alignment, left/right indent: 0 cm, pre/post-paragraph spacing: 2/0 nk, 1 line spacing. The box for adding space to same styled paragraphs should not be filled. If there are more than one paragraph in a footnote, pre/post-paragraph space should be 0 nk in this footnote.

3. Between the footnote number and footnote text one character space should be left.

4. All footnotes should be completed with a dot. 

5. Footnotes numbers should be demonstrated after punctuations.

Ø    False: ... given1.                  True: ... given.1


1. Bibliography should start on a separate page.

2. Style: alphabetically ordered, Palatino Linotype, 11 pt.

3. Bibliography paragraphs: 0,75 cm hanging indentation, justified alignment, left/right indent: 0 cm, pre/post-paragraph spacing: 3/0 nk, 1 line spacing. The box for adding space to same styled paragraphs should not be filled.

For the sample word form edited aptly writing form rules of the Journal, please see at 


Spelling and Footnotes Rules

1. The works should be prepared aptly the spelling and orthographic rules of Turkish Language Association. See at

2. "The Chicago Manual of Style" is accepted for footnotes and bibliography. For further information please see at…


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